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I’m Not Convinced We’ve Wasted Enough Time On This.

The phone conversation I just had:

Me- “Thank you for calling ‘Kate’s Motel’, this is Kate, how may I help you?

Them- (in thick eastern Indian accent) “May I speak with the manager Michelle, please?”

Me- “I’m sorry, she is not here this morning, is there something I can help you with?”

Them- “Well the reason for why I am calling we are offering (unintelligible) magazine to your property for first issue being complimentary and receive to your property remaining issues and what address I can send first issue which is complimentary?”

(No lie, the man spoke in a run on sentence just like that.)

Me- “Um……what?”

Them- “What is address?  First issue is complimentary.”

Me- “Oh, I get it.  Yeah, I’m not authorized to make those decisions.  What is your telephone number so I can have Michelle return your call?”

Them- “First issue is complimentary.”

Me- “I know that.  But I’m not going to get fired for accepting a magazine subscription that I wasn’t authorized to accept.”

Them- “So I am going to put down here that you are afraid…”

Me- “Wait!  You’re not listening to me.  I. Am. Not. In. A. Position. Of. Authority. To. Make. That. Decision.”

Them- “But first issue is complimentary.”

Me- “That’s fine.”

Them- “So that’s fine I can send complimentary issue? What is address?”

Me- “No!  Just give me your phone number so I can have Michelle call you back.”

Them- “Ummmm…”

Me- “You know, a phone number that you or someone at your company can be reached at.”

Them- “Ummmm…”

Me- “Are you not allowed to give the number out?”
Them- “Oh yes, I can give you the telephone number.”

Me- “Great.  What is it?”

Them- “Ummmm…”

Me- “Do you not know the number?”

Them- “Oh yes, I know what the number is.”

Me- “Great.  What is it?”

Them- “Ummmm…”

Me- “Look.  If you’re not going to give me the number, I really have to go.  I have guests waiting on me.”

Them- “First issue is complimentary.”

Me- “Good luck with that…”



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